ijiweiTalk Ep 211: Do Lobbying Organizations Lost Their Influence on China-US Trade?

作者: 陈炳倩 周宇哲 2022-11-14
来源:爱集微 #ijiweiTalk# #JWInsights#

Historically, many lobbying groups and legal institutions have played important roles in U.S. trade disputes. What is the attitude and role of these lobbying organizations and institutions in recent years with the increasing number of US control treaties with China? Since new regulations have led to an increase in the number of license applications submitted each year, how does the US Department of Commerce estimate the number?  Christopher Timura, Senior Legal Counsel in the Washington office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP.



责编: 武守哲
来源:爱集微 #ijiweiTalk# #JWInsights#

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